Our Dance Companies

Synergy - Our Company

Founded in 2002 by Jolene Perry, Synergy Dance Company (a 501(c)3), was created to be a community-based semi-professional dance company. The purpose of Synergy is to foster excellence in dance by giving the professionally minded dancer the opportunity to perform on a regular basis. SDC is for the performer who loves to dance, and the Company members make it their top priority (after school work, of course).

Synergy dancers are required to take a minimum of 2-5 classes per week, depending on company, which include both specific company classes and electives. At PDS, we have the Pearls, Emeralds, Sapphires, and Diamond Companies. To be in a Company, students must audition in the spring for the following season and meet specific class requirements.

In addition to the opportunity to perform regularly, Company members are also offered guest workshops that are taught by well known, and sometimes renowned, professional dance teachers. The Company members have an opportunity to hone their performance skills through frequent performances and to give back to the community by sharing in noteworthy charity functions and fundraising events.